A school year runs from 1st September and is divided into three terms.
Admission to classes/year stages is based on a cut off date of 31st August, with the new academic year commencing 1st September.
Foundation 1
Admission from the beginning of the term in which children are 3 years old. Specific hours may apply
Foundation 2
At the start of the term in which they become 4
At the start of the school year in which they become 5
Reception - Y6
Move up a year group each September (unless there are extenuating circumstances)
CET International Primary School caters for the children of families temporarily posted to Tyumen and for permanent residents.

Russian language is taught to Russian speaking children in accordance with the Russian educational standards and for foreign children as a second language. We also teach either French or Spanish as a second language for the older children.


All children attend full-time. Parents of younger children, who are not ready for full-time education, may attend part-time in consultation with the Head Teacher.

How to Apply

Please contact the school with your details or download application form below. The form can be printed, completed and posted to us or you complete it by typing in the information and emailing it to us.
The Care of Our Pupils
CET International School seeks to provide a happy and safe environment for all children to develop their true potential.

New Pupils
Children can enter the pre-nursery group at the start of the term in which they celebrate their third birthday. Going to school is a big step at this age and we have developed an additional Early Years' Handbook that will help you understand the procedures and arrangements that are undertaken by the school to ensure this is a positive first school experience.

For pupils entering the school at a later stage, age is the main criteria taken into consideration for correct placement. Only in exceptional circumstances will a child be placed in a different year group. The final decision for class placement lies with the Director of Education. Teachers will allocate a class mentor to look after new arrivals during their first week.

The school provides an information pack for new arrivals, which contains this handbook, the latest newsletter, an after school activities list and other relevant forms and information. The Director of Education will arrange a meeting to discuss your child(ren) and show you around the school.

If at all possible, we request that parents bring with them, at the time of enrollment, school records and reports from their children's previous schools. These records provide helpful information about a student's previous school programme and experience.

Shortly after enrollment the class teacher will make an appointment with the parents to discuss how the child has settled in. Children will take part in a number of assessments to enable the class teacher to better monitor progress and to ensure the learning programme best meets the needs of the child.

Care of the Younger Children
Children may enter the Nursery at different points during the year and we recognise that children will have different abilities and experiences. Each child will be encouraged to develop their learning through exploring and through structured play. Children are given ample opportunities for play and choice so that their introduction to school is a positive experience. The classrooms are well equipped and have a number of areas for role-play and active learning.

Please request a copy of our Handbook for Parents from the teachers.